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  • Coiled Tubing

    Coiled Tubing

    Coiled tubing special services can be used in well control by establishing the ability to place KMW within plugged tubulars. Primarily used to place KMW within a plugged tubular system, the Coiled Tubing can be outfitted with a variety of specialized drills that can …

  • Coiled Tubing Unit

    Coiled Tubing Unit

    Product Description

    Customized design and configuration to meet offshore lifting and land transportation; 
    Quick-in-drum design suitable for small offshore platform lifting;
    DNV, BV certification, etc. available to meet Zone II applications; 
    BOP backup system to meet customer requirements in case two BOPs are needed;
    Skid-in-skid …

  • Yard Spooler

    Yard Spooler

    The equipment is the auxiliary equipment of the coiled tubing unit, and it is a special device that can realize bidirectional pipe spooling between the transport drum and the coiled tubing working drum.
    The equipment mainly includes: base assembly (one end fixed, one end removable), hydraulic motor and reducer assembly, chain drive assembly, left and …