Coiled tubing special services can be used in well control by establishing the ability to place KMW within plugged tubulars. Primarily used to place KMW within a plugged tubular system, the Coiled Tubing can be outfitted with a variety of specialized drills that can be used to drill out fines, paraffin, and other blockages. Mills can also be used to drill out scale and corroded tubing plugs. Coiled Tubing can also be used to place acids used to dissolve plugs and scale.
Since Coiled Tubing is reel dispensed, the pipe movement is largely restricted to vertical movement (push and pull). Hybrid systems do exist that imparts rotational abilities, but such systems are not readily available, worldwide. Requiring a small crew complement as well as mobile systems, coiled tubing can be used in a wide variety of well control applications.

O.D.: 25.4mm~88.9mm
    Length:Max. 8000m
    Steel grade: CT55-CT110
    Specification: API Spec 5ST